Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female


A lovely name.


Just googled her name there. She’s a model. Of course she is. Women are gas.


Where have you been reading this? you can’t be just making up surnames




Not one of those hot models though.

She’s one of those, pale, waif like Plain Jane models with an eating disorder.


My head hurts. Is the child’s first name actually Cloud?


U wot m8??


Agreed, mate.

She must be a massive dickhead to be with that reprehensible cunt as well. Life 1 Paddy 0.


How ever did they agree on whose name to put first in the composite? “Thought I’d share.”

What a cunt.


Just to clarify - Paddy’s update appeared on one of my social media feeds.


Well done, mate. It was a pleasure to play on the hallowed turf, possibly with you.


Paddy is so anti establishment .


The Chairperson of the Casting Directors Association in Britain is called Tree Petts.


Séimí and Peigí


Was in college with a girl with this name years ago. She had a very high pitched sneeze


The Feeley-Healys have a couple of contenders.


The Social and Personsl announcements in the Irish Times are a colonial legacy .


It’s the pitiful colonial wannabes from the Catholic middle classes that still make it compulsive reading.


“Noah and Sam” in Brussels reeks of insecurity.


Cunt will have a double-barreled surname too.