Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female









What sort of amateur place is that anyway? They have capitalised* the I the in lad called Sinnot so it reads SInnott.

*notice my great bit of punning.


midfielder Fionn O’Riain Broin

Bad enough saddling the lad with that surname without giving him a rhyme-y first name.


He has a twin brother called Cian. I kid you not.


Should it be O’Riain O’Broin? and what kind of a name is Broin anyway?


If he or his parents just went with Fionn Ryan Byrne or even Fionn Ryan / Fionn Byrne he wouldn’t sound like that much of a cunt


What’s going to happen when the next generations of these types meet? Will we have quadruple barrel surnames?

Fionn O’Riain Brion Boyd Barrett Jnr


Why are you asking @Fran?


@Fran is the most feared and respected poster on the board. It’s always fascinating to have his views on any topic


Hurling for Trinners was an experience. One of my little achievements there was to persuade the relevant folk to allow hurling training on the cricket pitch in College Green. They obviously got kicked out again since.

I think one the better lads who represented us briefly is the buddy that @Bandage occasionally mentions that has marked all the inter county heroes and may be a lapsed poster hereabouts.


Whatever did happen to @McGeady1916?


Cian Ó Riain Broin 's Fionn Ó Riain Broin.

It sounds like an Irish nursery rhyme. I have the tune to Báidín Fheilimí ringing in my ears.




Plus 1.


Paddy Cosgrave has give his child a composite surname. Cosmore.


Certainly a case where less is Cosmore.


Seriously though he should be punched very hard in the face. I hope Paddy has hassle every time he’s at the airport with the nipper


"Meet Cloud COSMORE. After much gentle cajoling the Irish state has agreed to a composite of Cosgrave and Dinsmore for our first son: Cloud Cosmore.

I never liked the idea of my kids taking my surname, as is tradition in much of the world, and Faye taking my surname as well. It feels like it implies some form of ownership over a woman from a bygone age. Men and women are equal.

That said I respect people’s right to choose to take their husbands surname, or of course to take their wife’s surname, or alternatively to create a double barrelled name. Anyway this is another option at least for your kids that does not require any legal juggling. Thought I’d share."

He managed to get a dig in at the Irish state too.