Ridiculous First Names - Male and Female

He’s definitely not self-raising.


Welcome to the new world. My stepson could count eight grandparents in fairness.

Has anyone heard of the German golfer Hurly Long before - he’s new to me at least. I

@mikehunt be wary :slight_smile:

As ever, there’s a thread for that kind of thing


Faythe Harriers is a funny name alright

I’m including this here even though it’s the last name I find amusing.
Garda Gee.

Garda Gee’s investigation he sourced dashcam footage and spoke to witnesses.

“Garda Gee is a very experienced garda,” said Insp Thompson.

Why is Gee a ridiculous name but McGee is not?

There was Phil Gee who played for Derby in the late 80s/early 90s.

“King Gee” was a prominent pitchside advert at the 1990 Compromise Rules series. They’re some Australian company who manufacture products I can’t remember the nature of. Bill Sex of Kildare and Ireland (the Australian commentator called him “Billy Sex”) played in that series.

I can’t wait until he gets promoted to Inspector.


Or Commander

talking to a lad today, tells me about his chap “Bear”


He’s featured before, but they’d want to keep Garda Errol Flynn away from Garda Gee

Garda Errol Flynn said he was on duty in Broadford when he observed a vehicle at 6.40pm.

“The tax was out a considerable period of time. I indicated for the vehicle to stop. I spoke to the driver. I demanded production of his driving licence. I got a strong smell of alcohol from him. His speech was slurred and and eyes were glazed. I formed an opinion he had consumed alcohol,” said Garda Flynn.



Argyll McCoist