Ridiculous sportspersons names


I read somewhere she was 11 when she moved over?!
I had also stated something similar re Jo Konta in another thread and nobody branded me racist


Look mate, successful immigrants (and emigrants for that matter) will be claimed with unabashed enthusiasm as one of our own. There is lads playing Rugby for us that hardly knew where Ireland was on the map before they moved over here, yet they are regularly touted as Orish legends. We’ll claim anyone when it suits us, we’re claiming Obama FFS.
At least this girl grew up here, she is as entitled to be considered Irish as any of us. If we’d only known that one of the knock on effects of our loose immigration policy in the 90’s would be a few decent athletes we might never have closed the door.


To imerese herself in a true Irish rearing she has done what generations of Irish people have done before and emigrated to the UK.


Relocated to the UK four years ago…


If you want to be a succesful Irish athlete in most sports it would seem you need to leave the country sadly.


I know mate and I don’t agree with it and as I said previously it has nothing to do with race…it just gets on my wick how the term ‘irish’ can be used and bandied about so loosely


Apart from stick stick


Conor Leehane


Larissa Muldoon


Kendra Cocksedge


Kenny Pigman


Dick Pound (WADA)


Armagedon Draughn


Just scored for Dover mate.


Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown


Talented dude.


Paul Heckingbottom


Fionn O’Riain-Broin.


Wigan centre-half Cheyenne Dunkley


German Ski jumper Andreas Wank.