Ridiculous sportspersons names


Maverick McNealy golfer here on the John Deere Classic.


Rory Mcilroy


Houston Nutt.

Former head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels in college football.


If there is a topic for ridiculous sports teams names that lot would qualify .


Did you see Hugh Freeze after resigning from Ole Miss after dabbling with some escorts


Richard Bland, golfer

Wait, that’s not a sport. Rescinded.


He was trying to smear the aforementioned Mr Nutt, but it backfired spectacularly.


Fionn O’Riain Broin


Gina Akpe Moses - “Irish” athlete


What’s unusual about that name mate?


Probably been mentioned already and apologies if so but there was an amateur in The Open called Maverick McNealy.

Maverick didn’t make the cut.

EDIT : fagan got in a week before me.


Why the inverted commas?


I think he’s trying to say that black people can’t be Irish.


Is this true @RayDonovan?


I’m not a racist


Sounds exactly like what a racist would say


I think people are trying to make something out of nothing, the person we are referring to was born and raised in Nigeria so if that makes her Irish in some peoples eyes then that’s fair enough, nothing to do with race at all


Raised is fairly stretching it. She has lived in ireland for 85% of her lifetime.


She moved to Dundalk when she was 3 Ray.


Anything to Moses Coffey ?