Ridiculous sportspersons names


Sad to hear about that. Was only wondering yesterday who would be the next Polack to play GAA at a high level.


Jamaican goalkeeper in the copa America

Duwayne Kerr


The great Tim Vickery had a right laugh at this on the latest edition of the always brilliant World Football Phone-In on Five Live.


That’s where I heard it.


He’s just signed for Wrexham!


Nortei Nortey
Very Nortey
E is good, E is good
E is unbelievably good


Jonty Evans


I’d say there’s a good chance @The_Selfish_Giant has a wanker of a name like Jonty.


You’re not even close. His name is akin to Max Power, it energizes and inspires all who hear it.


The exact opposite of his TFK persona so.


That’s how alter egos work mate.




Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

Lets hope she doesn’t have a kid out of wedlock with Mark Ronson.


Her surname would remind you of a pharmaceutical company.

Then again, I’d probably say the same about most of the participants in the track and field.


The Ethiopian that broke the 10k world record by 14 seconds has to be juicing. 14 seconds is some margin to beat a record that stood for 23 years.


Chipp minor hurler Lyndon Fairbrother.


She broke record set by admitted doper


Lynden Gooch.


Couple of guys named in the French U-20 rugby squad - Faraj Fartass and Dylan Cretin


Seoirse Bulfin