RIP Paidi O'Shea


presume MBB will be along in and minute to write a Loughnane-esque orbiturary
Have Puke and SLR called it yet over on the Clarehurlers forum?

Fuck. :frowning:

Only 57.

RIP Páidi Ó Sé. Ar lámh dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

i presume you have confirmed this to be true before jumpng to such conclusions?

[quote=“mickee321, post: 729890”]

i presume you have confirmed this to be true before jumpng to such conclusions?[/quote]

RTE news are carrying it anyway.

Bloody hell. Was he sick does anyone know?


havent heard anything over here on Australian TV as yet

Larryduff not being online anymore is really felt in these situations

[quote=“farmerinthecity, post: 729892”]Bloody hell. Was he sick does anyone know?


Suspected heart attack, RIP.

A GAA legend RIP,he was only 57

Very sad. RIP


A great character of the game. Wasn’t afraid to call out the Kerry supporters for what they were too

Sad news, one of the all-time great Irish sportsmen. R.I.P. Paidi.

A legendary Kerryman …hopefully the “fuckin’ animals” give him a proper send off

get the fuck out of it you headcase :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hoping Larryduff doesn’t venture online to post his thoughts on Páidí.


Calling him one of the greatest irish sportspoeople is a step too far and a complete exaggeration, so a bit of perspective please and less of the hyperbole.
A thoroughly dislikeable individual, a filthy sportsman and with a nasty trait in his personality, his column in the Sindo each week was a bitter tirade, he was also one of the most inhospitable publicans i have ever met,

RIP anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with the family, shocking that such a young man died like this and especially so close to christmas

He would have been a very good friend of my father. My brother worked in his pub for a while.
If there is any pub in the world where my family could call our “local” it’d probably be there.
Even if I haven’t been there for months or years. Doesn’t matter.

As an aside I won a charity pool tournament in work yesterday. I learned to play pool in Paidi’s pub.

I’m quite saddened by this truth be told.

RIP Paidi.


showing the guy some respect is the done thing here- people spouting shit like that belittle the thread and the forum

The only person spouting shit around here is you with your constant anti-GAA jibes.

O’Se conceded 1 point to his opponents in 10 All-Ireland finals. Weather you like the game or not you must recognise what a staggering achievement that is for a corner back.

What are you doing? Don’t bother.

RIP Paidi, 57 is no age.