RNLI scum




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It’s amazing how shook the board is by this new lad. @Dav1 has the rastoolers rattled to their core on their big weekend. Fair play @boatboy.


A great addition


Hmmm perhaps fisherman is secret RNLI code for rich yacht man?? Perhaps this is where I’m getting confused.


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100 for an honour 50 for a pass a slurp slurp and my yacht club membership… What about you Twitter stuffer?


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Further research has revealed the following information in relation to the sham charity known as the royal national lifeboat institute:

  • it is organised on what its website refers to as a ‘pan British Isles basis’. This should not need further explanation.
  • whilst the operational structure of the organisation has a separate governing entity in Ireland, the ‘charitable’ arm - or that charged with conning the public to add to what they have already paid in taxes - is centrally run. This means that money collected say in a poor box in Wexford with RNLI on it can potentially end up subsidising a Dover based yacht who’s captain had too much sherry and needed a tow.
  • furthermore i have discovered that Irish people are conned into giving more to these crooks per capita than the English, meaning we are paying for their naval AA service.

@Dav1 u are a fraud and a Cunt. Your organisation is a seafaring UVF and I wish you find yourself in Davy crocketts locker when rescuing some English cunts yacht


Time for @Dav1 to rebrand as @Boaty McBoatface.


Point of information. Most Wexford lads are cheapskate bitter bastards without a pot to piss in. They won’t be donating much. Except mac probably. He does a lot of charity work it seems. Lads on here hate him for it.


It’s a two way street, and trust me, Ireland receives far more than it gives.

What you need to remember is that the people who donate to the RNLI are not small-minded gobshites like you. The brave men and women of the RNLI do not care what religion or nationality the stricken sea goer is. They will go out to sea in any weather with scant regard for their own welfare to help their fellow man.

God bless the RNLI.


They get in the way of the coast guard.cause more harm than good


Outstanding investigative research, he’d be better of in Davy Jones’s locker though.


Thanks Matty. I was concerned there for a while but now I know there are some sane people here! I think other members would benefit through some therapy for anger management. It may be an Inferiority issue or it may be stemming from a childhood experience, who knows… The one thing that is for sure though I sincerely hope they are never in need of an Irish lifeboat to help them or one of their children and they carry on with this “utter scutter”. While the lifeboat crew will still help in any seas or any difficulty as you said ,they may not be best pleased with the torrent that would follow.
I must go now as lizzys cake is burning in the oven.



Please stay around @Dav1


Fuck the RNLI.


What a strange delight that thread was.
Chapeau all involved.