RNLI scum


Thank God for these fine people


extremely worrying



The CRBI are the heros of our seas. they dont ask to see that your yacht club subscriptions are paid up to date before rescuing you, they arent a glorified towing and breakdown service for the elite, but honest decent coastal dwellers like myself who cast an eye out to sea for stricken seafarers. The RNLI are Eoin O’Duffy’s blueshirts with lifejackets on, a sick bunch of wannabe fascists.


that’s some post


Wait til @funtime sees this. As much as telling people they won’t save them :eek:


Absolutely sick. No coincidence that the hand in the photo is without Rings, Watches or bracelet - basically symbolising the poor catholic drowner can go fuck himself while the Protestant yacht owner gets picked up in a hurry


Was down at the Tall Ships festival at the weekend and was delighted to see that the brave men and women of the RNLI had their own stall. My son is now the proud owner of a RNLI branded frisbee, business at the stall was brisk and the selfless volunteers must have raised a fortune. :clap:




You’ve a kid :eek:


Would @The_Selfish_Giant have all his bling on him when he goes yachting at the weekend, or would be leave the sovereigns at home?


The only sovereign the RNLI would pledge to save is Elizabeth Windsor.


He might leave them in his locker at the tennis club.


Hey that kid is drowning.
Hang on a minute, I’ll throw him a frisbee.


RNLI heavily involved in the rescue. The RNLI are Ironborn :raising_hand_woman:


They were on the scene very quick. Can we even be confident they weren’t involved in the sinking in the first place?


more “rescues” = more donations. not hard to find a motive there.
a typical example of where their massive profits from poor quality frisbees sold to the unsuspecting ignorant masses at a huge mark up go:


I got the ad just there on FB. Donated, they do fantastic work.


FAO of @Funtime. Popped into Taste of Dublin after lunch and guess whose members were quaffing champagne and tucking into oysters with their yacht owning, upper class pals:


Just back from the yacht club myself.


That looks more like a urinal than the stewards enclosure.