RNLI scum


These cunts have stepped it up a gear. High cost text lines on the way.


14cent from every text goes straight to the Team GB Olympic yachting fund. These are sick fucks indeed


That’s a sinister and disturbing development.


Where or who can we report these bastards to?


Torn by this as while I despise the RNLI and all they stand for I’m a huge fan of Sir Ben Ainslie and the GB sailing team.

Is there any way I can cut out the middle man and donate straight to the GB sailors?


I learnt last night that @Funtime had to be rescued from a sea of his own piss on his first day of school. It’s possible that the emotional response to this has filled him with hatred for water rescuers.


People rescue water?


People do all sorts of weird shit. I heard of one sick fucker down in Cork who was in the bad books when his missus came home and found out he’d fucked the hoover after a few cans.


No sailing today boys… Might as well :anchor:️ Down and :cocktail:


Have you ever dropped anchor in pooh bay, pal?


Often been in pooh bay yea. You?


I wouldn’t go anywhere the RNLI have been…


Don’t blame you


Super Valu Sutton this morning.


Throw up the ‘after’ photo when you’re finished with it.


sick sick sick
the people of Sutton Cross can now truly understand the plight of Garvaghy Road residents, we were prisoners in our own homes as these triumphalist ‘Orangemen of the Sea’ triumphantly shook their buckets outside an up market supermaket chain in the heart of our community, terrifying the sea faring populace.


The fightback begins…


Jesus, where to start; the bikes, the RLNI sign or the Ian Dempsey poster?


That’s superb. ’ a two-figured sum was stolen’!


I had to sign off a €500 donation to the RNLI yesterday…sorry @Funtime