RNLI scum


Looks suspiciously like the cross of St. George on the roof of their tent there.


The clue is in the name…


Attention Cork based posters


You being chauffeured today mate?
Off to Cork week below in Crosshaven?


oh what a surprise - the RNLI are pulling their yelllow reg prodymobile out of ireland in the wake of Brexit.
they know that once the Console can of worms is opened they will be exposed next. hope they crash on the way to the port


Spotted this outside a suburban home this am.
Are these fuckers not supposed to be on alert 24/7 instead of parked up outside someone’s house probably raping people? Sick bastards


Ah here. Steady on.


You should have slashed the tyres to prevent a quick get away.


A retweet costs nothing guys



Weird pic for the story. Either Ian Wright wanted nothing to do with it but they mentioned him anyway or the RNLI are racist scum and wouldn’t let him in the pic. I’m thinking the latter.





Ian Wright used to be a hero of mine. Not anymore.


These cunts ruined my trip to the cinema last week. They’d a fucking ad on before the trailers with someone drowning (probably some peasant they fucked into the water), and my Mrs was quite upset after viewing it. We were waiting to see Ghostbusters for fuck sake, and some poor kids were in front of us having to watch this RNLI bile.


Ghostbusters was worse.


Careful, as a man, you’re not allowed say anything disparaging about that movie on the internet.


They lesbian acting pool is obviously shallow in the extreme in Hollywood. That fat one grated like she had sand in it. It was utterly crap.


Thought it was grand to be honest.


Just about held upby the special effects crew.