RNLI scum


Knobbers :smile:



Was taken there on a first date years ago. Needless to say there wasn’t a second. The amount of wannabes there was sickening. More langers than dail eireann.




it’s not only rich yacht owners they help…


For all we know, they’ve lured that poor baysht into the water for their own nefarious ends.


resembled the final scene from The Field. A couple of cows went over a cliff edge and one ended up a kilometre out from shore in the water and another was on rocks above the water but not accessible from the cliffs. The brave RNLI crew swam in with the bayshts keeping them calm all the way in until the owner retrieved them.


No doubt some sick game where they took bets on which animal would go off the cliff first and then rounded them up for the next race.


First time I ever saw a bird save a bull.

I’ll get my coat.


Is it a re-enactment of Bloody Sunday?



Did Congress vote for this?



i have long suspected collusion between the gga and the rnli. we finally have the proof. now we need to prove the link between the bon secours order to this evil empire.


amazing how quickly they can mobilise when a wealthy cattle farmer beckons them. your average small tillage farmer would be a long time waiting for the rnli to respond to him.


The RNLI have never responded to calls from a tillage farmer in Laois. Have a think about that for a moment…


I don’t think they’d mobilise for a beetroot or turnip.


Might need to be Asparagus


Is there any cattle in Fingal or is all arable ??


Is Laois the only county that doesn’t border a seaside county ?


It is. Well and truly landlocked.