RNLI scum


There’s cattle on the Howth peninsula and Lambay Island. The rest of Fingal is cabbage.



There’s a picture of the GGA players who were wheeled out for this event on the RNLI lifeboat in the middle of Croke Park on GAA.ie. All of them sitting there awkwardly in life jackets. Definitely one for the GAA photo shoot thread.


There’s also the same picture on a website called TFK.
About 5 posts above a post by a poster called Bandage.


For fuck sake


He only reads his own posts. Narcissistic behaviour.


He’s the type of guy that can’t wait for a story to finish so he can butt in with “that’s nothing, sure I…”


Take me off ignore you prick :rage:

And reinstate my thread title changing privileges


Fake news.


RNLI and the GAA… stuff of dreams…

Breaking down barriers…



Sensational return!




RNLI thugs trying to take credit for the coast guard’s work in Sligo today:

RTÉ in cahoots with them in their axis of evil


@Dav1 eventually confessed to being a member of the RNLI. what @dav1 didnt reveal was that he is not some casual weekend volunteer who signed up to impress his friends down at the yacht club.
@dav1 is in fact in the PAID SERVICE of the royal national lifeboat institute.
If you are still standing sit down because unfortunately it does not end there. @dav1 works with the RNLI in a media related capacity.
We lay people have been posting here, going toe to toe with who we thought was a standard rnli volunteer, some local wannabe big shot who took out the yellow dingy to collect the major when he had too much sherry, your typical rnli lackey.
how wrong we were. @dav1 is a media professional, he operates on a different level altogether. it is entirely possible that @Dav1 first came across our little expose of his organisation by using some sophisticated web tracking software that looked for mentions of the rnli online in honest discussion forums such as our own. then @dav1 assumes his workaday persona and logs on as a volunteer. Using his highly tuned media skills he tries to diffuse and misdirect our expose to the benefit of the rnli.
@dav1 was and is to this day paid to protect the reputation of the rnli. If like me you feel this is a highly inappropriate use of the many donations that the rnli recieve, if like me you feel that this keyboard mercenary shows the guile, cunning and deception that epitomises the rnli then join me in asking the moderators to trigger article 71.
article 71 of the TFK articles of association clearly demands that if 10 or more posters agree to it, a letter must be drafter on official TFK headed paper and addressed to the rnli, asking them to confirm or deny that @dav1 is in the paid service of their organisation and whether he was posting in an official capacity.


He’s like one of the lads the Kremlin pays to spread false information on the internet.


I feel betrayed. Fuck you @Dav1.


You can’t spell Vlad without Dav. :sailboat:



RNLI links to Russia confirmed


Big words for a knob jockey…
I’m glad your elocution skills are a lot better than your dectective instincts, were you bored in the back of mummy’s car this morning?


Right on time with the reply, @Dav1 has reached his desk, latte in hand no doubt.