Road Deaths

If Clarkeycat can do a serious Monday thread then so can I.

Are the media hysterical about road deaths in this country or do we have ridiculous levels of carnage? I think we’re not the worst in Europe by any means, statistically, but I think it’s fair to say that at least 75% of the deaths occur in a particular demographic - young male drivers - which suggests it can be addressed and improved upon with better education and understanding.

This sounds like something a Tory MP would propose but I genuinely don’t understand why we’re allowed sell cars that can go faster than the speed limit in this country. There were a few Top Gear fans on the Top Gear thread the other day so I’m sure they’ll have a different opinion, but I don’t understand the logic in allowing vehicles to be sold that are marketed as being able to drive way in excess of the legal speed limit.

Also it has been evident for a very long time that a visible police presence on the roads on a Saturday morning of a bank holiday weekend is fuck all use when there’s no Gardai on the roads at night when 90% of the fatal accidents occur.

Agree with pretty much everything there. You see so many gobshi’its (mostly young males) on the road, tailgating, overtaking on bends/hills, overtaking and relying on oncoming traffic to move into the hard shoulder etc. I don’t think that better education would sort these idiots out though. Convictions and getting them off the road is the answer. The police presence was impressive for a while when the stats were initially very poor compared with prior years (after a bit of an analytical review<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif) but since then it has waned considerably from what I can see. And Rocko’s point about a night presence is spot on - there isn’t one.

lower the speed limit on country roads by 20 kmph would help. its crazy the kind of speed you can do (100km ph) on roads which are horrendous

You can’t do 100km/h on country roads. You can do 80km/h which I agree with you is way too much.

A man has died in Louth after driving his car the wrong way down the M1. Am I imagining things or did this just happen on the same road last week too?

It did. The lad last week had killed his wife just before hand, then drove the wrong way down the M1 and steered the car into a truck

Yeah, it happened close by last week - a man drove the wrong way up the road into a lorry and died. His wife’s body had been found in their house by family members around the same time. A presumed murder-suicide.

You’d wonder how many of these accidents that happen late at night are actually suicides. There were two incidents down around here in the last couple of years. One young fella drove into a truck late one night, while another young lad wiped out half a family along with himself in another incident. There’s plenty of single vehicle accidents that happen late at night with the single occupant being killed. I’d often wonder was it an accident or suicide.

Thirty eight per cent.

A fair share would be suicide, lots happen with no seatbelts and a sometimes relaxants in their systems.
No note means it will be put down as an accident.

What a cunt of a way to commit suicide. Attempting to take as many with you as possible.

Something badly needs to be done about suicide in this country. More specifically something needs to be done to help men open up about their problems and talk about shit that’s going on in their heads which lead them to make the ultimate decision.

Terrible thing to do, why can’t they just drive into a wall. Heard that this method is often chosen so that for insurance purposes the death is an accident rather than suicide.



I’ve someone has gone to point where they are about to kill themselves I doubt they are thinking in a rational and fair manner.


Bet you’d think they were cunts if they took your wife and kid out though.

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I was at a christening celebrated by this poor divil last year. Seemed like a nice, harmless man. Went off on a 10-minute rambling tangent during the service about the lack of vocations for the priesthood among young men. He finished with a passionate appeal to those of us in the congregation to join ourselves or persuade a friend or family member to do so.

Did you join or persuade a friend?

Bad few days on the roads, three killed in Louth, two in Monaghan and one in Cavan in the couple of days before this.

Lads are just ploughing into eachother since Gay died.