Road to Nowhere 2018








Unreal chasing down, interception and finish.


There will be more goals here


Argentina need to kill this early given the altitude. But they need to do it in an energy conserving way. Several of the Ecuador team play in Quito.


Mascherano is making lots of mistakes


Uruguay one Níl DOWN


They’re fine. Much too far ahead on goal difference.


They are in their hole fine. They’re fucking with my handicap bets the cunts.




Messi and Di Maria are tearing it up


Mascherano all over the place at the back - looked like he might have handled the ball.


I’d be shocked if Argentina don’t concede another


Argentina need another goal before half-time.


What’s keeping the two Valencia’s out of the Ecuador team tonight?


Brazil 38 points
Uruguay 29 points
Argentina 28 points (goal difference +2)
Chile 27 points (goal difference +2)
Colombia 27 points (goal difference +2)
Peru 26 points (goal difference +1)
Paraguay 25 points (goal difference -5)
That Messi goal means things are looking good for Argentina, who jump up to third. Colombia would drop down to the play-off versus New Zealand as it stands.

The top four go through.

As it stands.


Antonio’s suspended. Unsure about the other lad


Poor Peru


Enner Valencia is coming on. He was an injury doubt.