Road to Nowhere 2018


I’m rooting for Peru. Teófilo Cubillas was a big favourite from World Cup’s past.


Enner’s coming on now


If Chile lose 1-0 and Peru draw 0-0, they would have identical records on 26 points and F26 A25 goal difference.

But Chile have won both head to head meetings so would be ahead if this scenario happens.

If Paraguay and Argentina both win, Chile must get a draw just to get a play-off.


Uruguay 2-1 up now @Juhniallio.


USA losing 1-0 to T&T


Do they need a result?


USA need a point to secure automatic qualification. They have a much superior goal difference to both Panama and Honduras.

But if they lose, both Panama and Honduras can overtake them with a win, which would eliminate them.

Honduras are losing 1-0 at home to Mexico.

Panama are 0-0 at home to Costa Rica.

Unlikely they’ll be eliminated but they could certainly be forced into a play-off against Australia if they lose.

All these games are 1am kick-offs.


What @Sidney said, they simply have to get a goal here and tie at worst, otherwise risk playoff which is not good. Costa Rican cunts could throw the game with Panama.

The World Cup in Russia needs the USA for a bit of added spice.


I’d enjoy seeing a playoff between themselves and the Aussies


Honduras have equalised aainst Mexico.


And the US are 2-0 down!


Costa Rica have scored now. All happening in North America.


Acuna is unbelievably shit. Actually outside Biglia, Di Maria and Messi this team is unbelievably shit


Mexicans acting the cunt now


Mexico have gone 2-1 up.


Paulinho puts Brazil 1-0 up on Chile.

But if Argentina don’t win, Chile would stay ahead of Argentina with a one goal loss.

If Argentina draw, they need Chile to lose by two goals to go ahead of them.


And Brazil have scored again.

Chile are eliminated as it stands.


mexicans and ticos doing the yanks a big favour


Absolutely ridiculous if Chile don’t make the World Cup considering some of the dross from Europe that will be attending.


So far mate, so far.