Road to Nowhere 2018


Honduras lead!


Someone needs to tell the Costa Ricans to ease off and the Americans could be on their way out.


Unreal scenes! Bravo comes up for a corner and Brazil run it the length of the pitch and score!


Colombia must score now or Chile are out.


Chile denied a peno at a corner, Brazil break and score into the empty net


3 minutes injury time in Lima


1-1 suits both teams


Peru/Colombia is gone West Germany/Austria


Be some night in deepest darkest Peru!


It’ll be fairly lively up around Arica and Tacna.


Chile are out - it finishes 1-1 in Lima.

Peru played it around in their own half without challenge from the Colombians to play out time.

Argentina qualify.

Peru go to the play-off v New Zealand.


paraguayans are the ones who really threw it away


squeaky bum time for the yanquis




Venezuela have beaten Paraguay.

It finishes
Brazil 41
Uruguay 31
Argentina 28
Colombia 27
Peru 26 (+1)
Chile 26 (0)
Paraguay 24

Peru’s three points awarded for their defeat to Bolivia as a result of Bolivia fielding an ineligible player has proved the difference.

They only got 23 points on the field. Chile and Paraguay both got 24. Chile would have gone through on goal difference on points earned on the field were it not for the ineligible Bolivian player.


Fuckin hell!


As Turloughmore found out to their cost last night, you can’t be fielding ineligible players.


how was yer man ineligible?


And the drama is far from over.

The USA are one goal away from elimination.

Trinidad and Tobago 2 USA 1
Honduras 3 Mexico 2
Panama 1 Costa Rica 1

This is November 17, 1993-esque.


He was from another country. He was a Bolivian citizen under their three year residency rule but he hadn’t served the five year residency period FIFA require.