Road to Nowhere 2018


What does population have to do with it? 2 billion and change between China and India and they’re both minnows.


population has to be the dumbest argument ive ever heard


For Argentina to lose out now, they would have to concede two goals, and two of Chile, Peru and Paraguay would have to score.


In any case, Europe’s share of the berths has been decreasing since the fragmentation of the Eastern Bloc


Last time I checked China and India were countries.
The relevance of population is the only reason Europe gets so many spots is it has subdivided itself into so many countries.


See my above post


USA score, 2-1 Pulisic.


In the first World Cup with 24 in 1982, Europe had 14 of the 24 slots. In Russia next summer, Europe will have 14 of the 32 slots.


Chile could stay alive here due to the two extra points they were awarded after Bolivia were found to have fielded an ineligible player in their 0-0 draw.


theres about 10 people watching the match in Port au Prince


Peru have equalised - they are in the play-off spot as it stands and Chile are out!


We’ve equalised!


Venezuela have scored against Paraguay, their goose is cooked.


Honduras level


Some turn up.

Looks like it’s between Chile and Peru now but Colombia are not safe either.


Mascherano has played like a mentalist here


paraguay are some useless shower, handed to them on a plate and they lose to a baseball nation


Panama level


I’m watching Chile now, not committing enough to their attacks at all

3 mins added time


concacaf is box office
was the same last time too, positions in the table were changing by the minute up until injury time