Road to Nowhere 2018


what a shower of useless cunts


Honduras still playing…


It’s official - they’re out! Incredible

Panama qualify

Honduras go to the play-off against the Aussies


Trump to announce invasions of Mexico and Costa Rica in a few hours.


It’s not official yet…


Blow it up to fuck!!!


It’s official now!

Honduras have won!


USA :joy::joy::joy::joy:


What a night of football


Mugged off good and propa!!!


Some amount of shit teams getting to the World cup hopefully room for one more :laughing:



Panama went out in 2013 when the US scored two injury time goals against them, now they have qualified with a late goal to knock the US out.

Trinidad and Tobago were knocked out by the US in the final game in 1989 - now they have knocked the US out.

What goes around comes around.

Trump will not get his state visit to Russia for the World Cup!


some fella was going on about populations earlier…

USA 325.0 million
Trinidad and Tobago 1.3 million


I still can’t believe what’s happened. The US tore Panama apart on Friday night. They looked like scoring every time they went forward. What happened to them tonight?

There will be ructions over this.

Will Coach Arena be allowed back into the country?


the yanks lost two home games
people make fun of concacaf, but away games in concacaf are very hard. none of the 4 teams above the us lost a match at home
the usa normally has a great home record too, they went years without losing a match. except this time around


Cobi Jones laying into the cunts now.


The passion and the joy on display across the Americas - in Panama, in Peru, in Honduras, from the Argentina team in Ecuador, in Costa Rica the other night when they qualified, was just beautiful.

And in Cardiff last night.

And the devastation of the vanquished was total.

No sanitisation or corporate bullshit.

What happened in the last few nights, and particularly tonight, was old school.

The World Cup will always mean more than anything else, even if FIFA want to ruin it.


This was Panama’s first goal…


Unreal. Read through all the posts from last night just now without checking any scores in advance. Tremendous updates - thanks chaps.