Road to Nowhere 2018


FIFA getting one back on the USA for fucking with them these past few years?


Great updates during the night.
Last night of qualifiers is always exciting night.


I enjoy the staggered layout of international fixtures in Europe these days however all the last round of fixtures should be played at the same time so we could enjoy a night like last night.


The Panama first goal :joy:


Watching Peru’s goal there, it was an indirect free kick. If the keeper let it go it wouldn’t have counted and Chile would be in the playoff.


Most real Americans will be thrilled to see the soft democratic voting SAWKERR wussies beat .


Peru have a great shirt .


Sanchez gonna give Ospina a bollocking at training this week :joy:



Is this true?


That was one of the Panama subs.


Great shout out for Hector. He was immense against Scotland in Cordoba in 1978. New Zealand all that stands in the way now of a return to the World Cup for the first time since 1982. New Zealand were there in Spain in 1982 as well with Wynton Rufer leading the line.


Hoofed into the canal :clap:


Poor old Manuel Noriega. If he’s lived for another six months, he’d have witnessed the ultimate Panama mugging of the US.



Pretty big ball boy no? Surely a sub?


A bit like when Mick McCarthy and Ruud Gullit had a similar conversation with about 10 minutes left in Palermo in 1990 and both teams mysteriously stopped attacking.


Nothing at all wrong with that.


It was match fixing without the money, but things like that have happened quite a lot over the years.

The main thing that was wrong with it was that had Egypt equalised against England, lots would have been drawn between all four teams.

As it was, lots were drawn between Eire and Holland, and we got the long straw.

Big Mick pulled a fast one on poor Ruud, because let’s face it, they were better and could well have beaten us had they really gone for it.

Wasn’t the last time Big Mick would rope a dope the Dutch either.


It’s up to the other teams in the group not to leave themselves in a position where they can be caught like that.