Road to WrestleMania XXIX

McMahon is a depraved cunt if even half of the stuff is true

Bit of bantz.

Women are too sensitive.

I dunno I wouldn’t fancy a dildo named Big show wedged up my hole.


What would you want it named?


Something a little less intimidating maybe Hornswoggle.

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CM Punk just totally fucking murdered Tony Khan. Ended him.

Big win for The Rock and Roman Reigns last night. Set it up beautifully for Part 2 tonight

Bad form that Cody Rhodes couldnt finish his story

@chops91 Will be back in his suite again tonight over.


Seth loses due to bad knee from night one.
Priest cashes in on Drew setting up Glasgow rematch.
Seth costs Cody the main event.

It’s not over yet. Wrestlemania Part 2 is tonight

So close

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John Cena is fooling No one with that hair