Roddy Doyle owns the GGA




@The_Selfish_Giant is Roddy Doyle :eek:


Is ‘roddy’ still doing those shit dialogue on facebook with the two lads and their pints of Guinness?

Can someone cc Rodders in the GAA attendance watch thread.

This is a desperate cry for attention from Rodney.


GAA to a degree is very definitely a con job. Most of the players, outside of Ulster at any rate, are thick as shit.

Fishgutting in Limerick IT, Fashion Buying in DIT or Agrinomics in Carlow IT are not proper degrees - and GAA players tend to not even get enough points for these courses, instead getting scholarships for which the main attraction for them is to swan around shitty college campuses in their naff looking GAA tracksuit tops.


Roddy is irrelevant these days and needs the publicity for wumming


Would Roddy have something to sell? Is there a book or play in the works?


From the perspective of someone from Dublin he’s probably speaking the truth - It has always been the centre of British power and culture on the island.


Irish people are event junkies shock!!!



No doubt its another bit of Dublin centrism



At What LOI club is Roddy a season ticket holder ?


How the fuck do I know


The courses you mention are practical and can lead to decent employment .

Stuff like Media Studies , Humanities etc lead to people having an inflated sense of their intelligence and worse still an inflated sense of their earning power .


Don’t get stroppy , I was only asking .


soz for snapping


Probably Bohs as he is a northsider


I thought Sky owned the GAA?


The LOI is a myth - It’s just something Irish people do until the English soccer is back…


Roddy is a huge rugby fan and can be regularly seen at Suttonians games.


Bingo —

Now we have it confirmed — Roddy is a west Brit lickspittle pig.


“Doyle also said during the interview that he has no interest in rugby”