Roddy Doyle owns the GGA



Roddy also is a patron of the arts

he subsidized The Ark


He said in interview he had no interest in rugby .


Sorry mate, I made that up.


Well we are taking about a man who specialises in fiction .


Exposed as a liar on the INTERNET. You utter gimp.




Apologizing on the INTERENT!!


Those Facebook pub talk posts were appalling twee shite but he makes some really salient points in that article.


This gobsite supports Chelsea. Same as Dermot Morgan did.

‘Oh poor me, I could have been as good as Saul Bellow but for nasty oppressive oul’ Ireland and the Gah…’

RD, bar the reasonable fluff of the early novels, is a shite writer. A truly shite writer. RD makes the sixth rate stuff of Colm Toibin and the eighth rate stuff of Joseph O’Connor look like the third rate stuff of John Updike.

I mean, RD’s Two Pints… It makes the 14th rate stuff of Eamonn Sweeney look like the 13th rate stuff of Dermot Bolger.

As for the revisionist pretentiousness of A Star Called Henry… Even RF Foster could not bring himself to give that pile of cardboard prose and paste characters a good review, even in The Irish Times.


Stage 6


Thats awful malarkey.


No, it is not. But you would hardly understand, being from Portlaoise, the Lee Dunne of Irish towns.


Listen, say what you like, but I’m not standing for this sort of malarkey.


Stage 6 of what? Of beyond your comprehension?


What course did you do? ‘Self Humiliation 101’?

I bet you got a Starred First.






What are the salient points, let alone the “really salient” points?

By the way, using a modifier with the adjective ‘salient’ is ridiculous. Then again, you admire Roddy Doyle, which is like a tyro hurler admiring a Junior B mullocker.


Ah lovely. I was just waiting for a trademark Malarkey barb against me. It’s been a while coming but no less welcome for that.


Whose alias is he again?