Roddy Doyle owns the GGA




@Sidney has the inflated opinion of his intelligence without earning anything, the useless cunt.


Well, resile from talking shite about ‘Gah’ players and all will be tickety boo.

  • See Roddy Doyle havin a pop at the GaH lads.
  • yer man from Bohs. Brother of the boxer.
  • Nah. The lad who wrote bukes. Yer man from Star Trek was in them.
  • Spock?
  • nah you gobshite. Hey Burgess Snip Snip.
  • what was he sayin?
  • that it’s all a cod - nobody likes it
  • the culchies do.
  • real people he means. Dubs. Hate it. Only watch it out of boredom.
  • dunno. I loved Jimmy Keaveney. The Jacks are Back. The Hill rockin. Alive a alive o. Heffos Army.
  • yeah me too. Jayo. boom boom boom.
  • there yeh go.
  • Roddy is a bit of a bollox.
  • yeah. Arty cunt.
  • probably hates sport. Goes to the theatre.
  • who goes to the theatre.
  • lads go when nothing on TV.


I actually love Gah, mate, I just love poking fun at it, which is very easy.


You might have more talent than RD .


That you find it easy does not mean it is easy.

Have a little think on this point.


Nearly everyone has more talent than Roddy Doyle.

And more than the other lads named out.


Thank you for that compliment.


Did you do that yourself? Finest satirist on TFK if you did



Poor @Sidney if you look closely you can actually pinpoint the second his heart rips in two


Took about 2 minutes. It’s shite but so is Roddy’s.


New word I learned today. Thanks Malarkey. i’m feeling smarter already.


I really like roddy doyle. That said, he is a rare exception in that the films are better than the books by and large.
He seems a very nice man who remains gainfully employed, hence, I suspect, the barbs.


Well, I would be even more made up if you felt more accurate…


The fact that RD is immensely successful is neither here nor there as a regards a cultural cringe about ‘De Gah’. Equally, the fact that RD is immensely successful does not make him a good writer. It makes him a phenomenon.

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Archer are immensely successful.


Crikey, imagine getting this wound up over someone not liking watching a bunch of farmers shouldering one another in half built kips.




Crikey, imagine seeing in action a lad so unimaginative and so colonized in the head that the chip on his shoulder doubles as a clitoris.