Now that the dust has settled on the Portugal game we look ahead to our next two home games v’s Azerbaijan and Serbia.

For me, we need six points. The game on Saturday is a win by 2 goals or more, nothing else will do. I’d take a scrappy win versus the Serbs by the odd goal the following Tuesday.

If our CR7 is fit again from his C-19 episode then he comes straight back in for Connolly.

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Serbia are currrently better than us but are flaky .

Thank god we’re not flaky.

Going to both games. Hoping to see @mickee321 and his young fellow in Saturday evening.

This doesn’t matter for Nations League seeding does it? Wondering if our poor results will mean us dropping down a division or has that already happened?

I don’t think we are flaky per se

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yeah send me a PM @Rocko , we’re a bit frustrated by only being able to buy x2 tickets but the Jamie McGrath factor is great for all of us in the NECSL so we are going in and now so are a lot of other parents and kids…
a result now is badly needed… we are going saturday - tuesday we have training so wont be

AFAIK Nations League seeding is already decided by a system of promotion and relegation and as we did not come last in our group in the last rev we will remain in group B

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McCLean lads, is he for real?

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I like Kenny but McClean? Bloody hell.

How is James starting, particularly in a game where we’ll have all the ball? Makes no sense.

4-2-3-1? McClean on the wing rather than LWB?

Who is wide right? Connolly?

Duffy Egan and Coleman as back 3?
The Doc and McClean as wing backs?

Possibly, but that would mean Troy in midfield

Its a back 4.

Idah on the right, Connolly on the left and McLean in the hole

Jesus christ


Suppose very young mid field and attack so maybe thinking McClean for a bit of experience?
But then he’s most likely to do something stupid
I look forward to him opening the scoring


Jesus fucking christ.

Bizarre stuff

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Spock out