Rory McIlroy

has decided to represent ‘Great Britain’ in golf:

Europe’s rising star Rory McIlroy has his sights on a notable double - World Cup glory for Ireland in November and Olympic gold for Great Britain in 2016.

The 20-year-old, in love with team golf again after helping Britain and Ireland beat Continental Europe at the Vivendi Trophy on Sunday, would have a choice to make if golf is voted back into the Olympics next week 105 years after it last appeared.

As an amateur McIlroy played for Ireland and he and fellow Ulsterman Graeme McDowell, his partner in Paris last week, will represent them again at the World Cup in China.

When it comes to the Games there is a long-standing agreement between the British Olympic Association and the Olympic Council of Ireland that Northern Ireland athletes can elect to represent Ireland because they are legally entitled to dual citizenship.

But McIlroy said: ‘It’s a bit of an awkward question still, but I have a British passport and it would be Great Britain for me.’

I always said he was a cunt reported this yesterday and someone had another thread about it on here before.

Must be something about McIlroys from the north defecting to them across the water for Olympic sports

I will await Larry’s statement on this before making any comment.

he’s actually a catholic isn’t he? thought i remembered seeing something about him playing gaelic football or hurling when he was younger too.
disappointing stance on the olympic issue as Ireland is a 32 county entity when it comes to golf. similar to boxing.

what a wanker!!

and yes,he is a catholic

Why shouldn’t he represent Great Britain if that’s who he feels affinity with? I don’t see any regret when Johnny Adair claims his Britishness. Give this McIlroy kid a break. He is an alright sort and has no interest in the sad jukebox republicanism of TFK.



shannonsider knows the score


I don’t think republicanism was mentioned. :guns: I do see it quite odd that he’s representing Ireland in the World Cup and has the choice to represent Ireland in the Olympics too given they’re organised on a 32-county basis but has chosen to represent ‘Great Britain’. I find it especially odd seeing he represented Ireland in amateur competition in the past.

He knows he wouldnt make the team Bandage with the likes of Harrington, Eamon Darcy, Philip Walton, COC Jnr, Damien Mcgrane and the likes all battling it out for the spots.

Hang on, what the fuck is so bizarre about a British person born in Britain representing Britain in the Olympics?


Jukebox colonialism humour but I’m sure Shannonsider** will appreciate it.

He wasn’t born in Britain.

I presume some red-top hack doorstepped McIlroy with a question that probably never even entered his head before in order to stir up the usual jingoistic response from all the devout mass-going catholics who routinely wear Celtic jerseys as casual clothing in this country. Job done it seems.

Thats what I was wondering, why is this a story now. Is it not until 2016 that Golf is in the olympics, why the fuck would he have to choose now.

Bandage is seething by the way, you dont see that too often around these parts

Jingoistic to view his plans to change nationality as odd? I wouldn’t have thought so but carry on.

seeing as McIlroy is catholic, would he not see himself to be irish. not british??

Why do you find it odd? Drico represents both Ireland and the British Lions routinely. Your initial post here was obviously meant to invite cheerleading for your distaste for the spectre of McIlroy representing GB. Well buddy, I’m not going to wear your pom poms.

Conversely do you think Protestant lads hurling for GAA clubs in Cork see themselves as British? I can assure you they don’t.