Roughest Pubs in Ireland

@Rocko can you move the posts on this from the Outstanding Headlines thread to here when you’ve a chance.

I might start up an “Ireland’s Toughest Pub” thread, although I’d be no expert mind…

Belt away. It could be a beauty.
I’d chip in with the lantern in Galway probably.

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That pub is just a kip. Not a tough pub just full of harmless alcoholics. It was still open pre covid not sure now

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Still open I think. Passed it a few weeks ago and the doors were open. Looks fair weathered compared to the pictures in the article

Noctors in Sheriff St. Lock the thread.


Not as weathered as the clientèle I’d say.

The Furry Bog in Whitechurch is a tough oul’ spot.

Ronnie Drew’s Belfast formerly magennis’s.

What kind of welcome would a strange face get in Gerry Power’s I wonder. I’d say it’s far from the toughest pub in Ireland but it’s the only pub in Limerick city that I would be wary of going into.

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Chalk it off the bucket list while you still can.

I’d bet anything the most dangerous pub on the island is some loyalist shithole in Belfast somewhere.

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Tis a great title to be after all the same

Need to do it by county, what is the most dangerous pub in Clare? A place called the daggers would be a good benchmark

An “oddest clientele” pub county by county would be a great addition to the board.

It probably goes side by side.

I was in there sitting down years ago and an young lad came over talking to us; he pissed his pants, just natural, chatted away. The next generation were dumbfounded. The cousin is since dead. Liver cancer. That cloudy cider is fair shit.

You can go in anywhere at a reasonable hour with a reasonable crowd and have a few pints in peace.
Go in there at a late hour with a shower and you’ll be lucky to get away in one piece.

Rathoath Inn <. end thread…>

This beauty :slightly_smiling_face:

The yellow house on the Cork Road in Waterford was fairly rough cc: @Fagan_ODowd

Had one pint in there in college after placing a bet in the adjoining bookies during Cheltenham one year. Horse won at 33/1. We collected and got out of there fairly sharpish.