Roy Keane v Andy Goram

Hardly a fair fight; two against one.

Welcome to Manchester United. Roy Keane-style.
The man who saw himself as the heartbeat of the Reds was giving me a message.
He just looked right through me as the embarrassed Steve McClaren, the United No 2, tried to introduce the new on-loan keeper to his volcanic captain.
From that second I knew there was no point in me making an effort with Keane.
Roy had things he stood by, things that framed his life, beliefs he clung to with a burning intensity.
Well, I had mine. What he did to me on that first morning at work at the most famous football club in the world didn’t faze me.
It didn’t send me scurrying into my shell. I just thought: “'F*** it. He’s not going to stop me enjoying this.”
He was a Celtic man, I was a Rangers man. He didn’t like me. End of story.
Fair enough. After all, I’d done enough to make some Celtic fans dislike me in seven years at Ibrox.
There was to be no handshake. Ever.
The truth is we didn’t exchange a civil word in the three months I was at Old Trafford. From day one we had arguments on the training pitch and didn’t get on. It was serious stuff. He hated the sight of me.
However, I was 36 years old. I’d landed the move of my life in the twilight of my career. Was I going to let one man’s sneering disdain for me wreck the experience? Forget it.
There were clashes between us. One day in training, we were playing a game of eight-a-side, and Keane and Luke Chadwick were up front for my team.
I always prided myself on the accuracy of my kicking, on being able to pick out a player from a distance, and that day I half-volleyed a peach right onto Chadwick’s foot. The kid snatched at it and ballooned his volley over the bar.
Suddenly, I was the target of a volley of abuse from Keane.
"Hey you, give me the fg ball," he screamed.
I replied: "What, do you get the ball just cos you’re Roy Keane? F
The atmosphere was icy from that moment on and on the way off the field Gary Neville collared me.
“Goalie,” he said, “we don’t talk to Roy like that down here. We just don’t.”
It was a telling insight for me. I respected Keane as a player, but I couldn’t have that.
As far as I was concerned, the way he spoke to some of the players was bang out of order. Many of them were clearly s
*-scared of him.
In some ways, it was daunting for me on that first day at United.

Yet another revelation of Keane’s arrogant cuntishness

What did he do wrong? Goram is a bigot so no problem with what Keane did and in fact I’d applaud him for having a go at the bigot.

Didn’t say anything about wrong. I’m just saying yet another person regards Roy Keane as an arrogant tosser. That’s several hundred for and one against.

All the stuff above is old news, apparently Goram now considers Keane an alright sort after Keane brought Ipswich to train with the Paras :rolleyes:

Two utter wankers.


Fair fucks to Keane. That cunt is beyond contempt so he got exactly what he deserved.


That whole article or whatever smacks of being the view of a cunt. He applauds his ball to Luke Chadwick and applauds the fact that he stood up to the big bad bully Keane.

If Andy Goram regarded me as being a tosser I’d take it as a compliment. Wouldn’t be supportive of Keane on a lot of things but in this case he doens’t deserve criticism considering Goram’s role in heightening tensions at a very delicate time in this country’s peace process

I suppose it all depends which Goram you are talking to.

Did Keane act out of patriotism then? That’s an interesting perspective.



That whole article or whatever smacks of being the view of a cunt. He applauds his ball to Luke Chadwick and applauds the fact that he stood up to the big bad bully Keane.[/quote]

I imagine it’s an extract from his autobiography or something given the way it’s laid out.


Keane may be a lot of things but refreshing to see someone who keeps in touch with Irish politics. To be honest I think its fairly cheap to criticise him for standing up to Goram.

Didn’t Goram wear a black armband when King Rat was murdered?

He did indeed. Hence Keane’s attitude towards him

I can’t get over lads criticising Ranger’s fans and players for being bigots. What the fuck are Celtic? Two sides of the same coin is all they are.

If Keane is lucky he’ll end up with 14 points from his time as Ipswich manager, one for every dead person on Bloody Sunday :rolleyes:

Much of Celtic’s 1967 team was made up of Protestants. Jock Stein was a Protestant, Kenny Daglish was a Protestant.

Mo Johnson was Rangers’ first Catholic player in late 80s/early 90s and there was uproar.

Bit below the belt that.