[RT] Gala All-Ireland Camogie Championship preview

Following a break of three weeks the Gala All-Ireland Senior Championship resumes this weekend with a full round of matches on Sunday.


Switched on the radio this morning and came across Pauric Lodge talking to a very angry man about a coin toss to decide something or other.

Anyone know what this was about ?

Seeing you bumped a camogie thread was it about camogie by any chance?

I did pick up that it was camogie mate but I’d like to know who the very angry man was and what county is he involved with

That’s a clamping.

Incidentally this could be a great way to play off the entire competition.

Hoganstand.com tells me he was Michael O’Brien, manager of the Dublin camogie team. Ye can all rest easy now

Can we get the latest on the coin toss fiasco please, @thedancingbaby?

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Don’t be annoying the man this morning. His main job for today is to tell me how good the ground in Galway is, if he can pull himself out of Freneys.

In a brazen show of #girlpower, both Dublin and Clare (I think it’s Clare) have said ‘Fuck you and your coin toss’, and withdrawn from the competition.

Experts believe a resolution may be reached.

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I’ve heard Clare and Limerick are pulling out of the U21 Hurling Final as a mark of solidarity. Should get interesting.

How long before yer fucking Geary wan plays the This would never happen to the men card?

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Seriously, listen to that Tommy Tiernan podcast that I posted in the Radio station thread, he has that Mulcahy wan fucking seething in it and he mugs her off repeatedly :clap:

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That does sound like something I’d enjoy alright.

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The disdain the camogie authorities are showing to their own competition is truly admirable.


Fermanagh have now volunteered to have their All-Ireland football quarter-final against Dublin decided by a coin toss, and let the Dublin and Clare camogie teams play-off at Croke Park instead.

Wonderful solidarity.

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It’s actually marketing genius, when you think about it.

I think the coin toss would have a higher attendance than the playoff match. Gaa need to follow the money here.

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Cork and Tipp refusing to stand down in solidarity with their Dublin and Clare sisters.

The coin toss has been great for publicity alright but they needn’t be slaves to it. They could decide the quarter finals via a bake-off or something.


That could be a recipe for disaster.