RTE Correspondents


Don’t see any mention of Samantha Librieri on that list. She looks like an alien but she’d get it.

Linnane Pol (sp??) - anyone know what she looks like?

Amongst other activities I’d say yeah.

If you google that name your post is the 3rd search result :smiley:

Just one result down from:

Biogenesis of mitochondria - The effects of physiological and genetic manipulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on the mitochondrial transport systems for tricarboxylate-cycle anions

It’s top of the list now, well done to all

Tom MacSweeney - Marine Correspondent, now retired.

Tom was upset at being forced out of RTÉ at the age of 65. He is a former Maritime Person of the Year award winner.


David Davin Power: Former Northern Editor. Current Political Correspondant.
Regarded by many as a safe pair of hands, the reporter famously ignored this poster, when I waved at him from a taxi. I had a few drinks consumed at the stage in fairness.

i remember hearing about that alright, still reflect on it now & again

Great books. He kept a fox as a pet as far as I recall.

I blame those books for spawning all these city dwelling, tree hugging, green voting, vermin loving, crusty fucks we see today.

Forgot about her. What’s she up to these days? She had potential to be Wexford’s next Anne Doyle at one point.


She’s been presenting Morning Ireland on and off a good bit recently I think. She’s also now romantically involved with Richard Crowley.

Remember Jim Fahy being an incredibly patronising cunt in his time. Sean Duignan used to be a half decent political correspondent before he took the soup.

This is the only picture I can get - she is the one on the right.


What’s become of Charlie Bird’s former squeeze Carole Coleman?

By the look on Charlie Bird’s face I’d say his right hand is up to no good

she was charge with being a terrorist after her interview with Goerge Bush and is currently being raped on a nightly basis in Guantanamo bay

Did george bush not have her “taken out”?