RTE Correspondents


Not sure about Cork but there’s Super music stations in Dublin. And of course the wonderful Kelly Ann Byrne on Today FM and Aideen Gormley on Lyric.


BBC is probably best radio in the world. You get a much higher standard of state broadcasting on the mainland.


Fire on a few shows from Dublin stations that I can listen back to - Cork is atrocious.


I know all the would be Protestants in Ireland never tire of telling each other how wonderful “Radio 4” is but it’s the most boring radio station I’ve ever heard.


Between all the stations there is something for everybody and for a mainstream station Radio 1 breaks lots of new artists


You get some great music shows and music docs alright - but a lot of the presenters are painful cunts.


Are Smashy and Nicey still on it?


I find them less painful than mainstream radio presenters here. I think because it is a bigger country the English are much more comfortable in their skin than the Irish so you don’t get as much cringe inducing trying to be hilarious or else make you cry all the fucking time from an English presenter.


It’s gone back a lot. Or maybe I have less of a boredom threshold now. It’s full of handwringing lefty shite. The news bulletins are ok. The Today programme is ok in the car in the morning. The News Quiz and “just a Minute”. That’s about it.




It’s a little tradition of mine to listen to Radio 1 when I drive to Northern Ireland. I always like to hear what people are up to and where they are going on the mainland at that point. Charlie and Suzie picking up their mate before they head off to Brighton for the weekend. play something by…

Better than people in kitchens in Ireland texting Ray D’Arcy about how they are shaking/in tears

Also no commercials makes a big difference.


They can be just as pontificating in their own sneery lefty way. … But by and large you get a great class of music shows and docs.


Midlands Radio 3 is an undiscovered gem lads.


I can imagine it staying that way too.


I love renting out a white van on the mainland and going around exhibiting road rage while listening to Talksport.


Who does the weather on morning Ireland :joy:


That’s Harm, he’s married to Joanna, the newish TV weatherwoman.


He’s off his rocker… making up the weather :joy:


Sure Holy God decides the weather and that’s that.


Is he not your brother?