RTE Correspondents


There will be hell toupee if he doesn’t get a big send off .


Another big-wig gone from RTE


The rug was pulled from over him


Good riddance to the cunt.


What would Yoiu know about it you bitter miserable little chubby cunt.
You constantly begrudge media figures in here because they’ve made it where you’d like to make it


Oooft… It’s Friday evening pal - the thoughts of going home have you badly rattled.


You dopey, imaginary drunk cunt. He’s spent the majority of his career ferrying around Leinster House while arse licking and pandering to the government parties of the day and the “acceptable opposition*” whether that be Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael or Labour. A typical RTÉ lackey backing up the establishment as they look to quell the likes of Maurice McCabe, water charge protesters and workers’ rights. Aren’t you a union representative, you gombeen fuck?

*as the great Ming Flanagan called them


What a coincidence. Less than 5 minutes after I mentioned the great man in reference to that cunt Davin-Power Ming tweeted about him:




Don’t call me a gombeen fuck. Your deep dissatisfaction with your job clouds your ability to properly address the quality of Irish journalists, be it in the sporting arena or current affairs.
You have a constant, childish and begrudging obsession with lads that have made a go of their lives via whatever media outlets, whereas you have failed miserably where these guys have thrived.
Grow up to fuck and realise you can’t cut it.


Jesus wept, is Ming another of those TFK sacred cows? :joy:


You’ve shown yourself to be a gombeen fuck, mate. You’re a union representative taking issue with somebody having a go at government lackey David Davin-Power.




Cringe. I welcome your surrender after making an absolute show of yourself.




Geez. I’ll never come back from a put down like that [quote=“Bandage, post:395, topic:12501, full:true”]
Cringe. I welcome your surrender after making an absolute show of yourself.



"I welcome your surrender "

What the fuck.is this. Cowboys and Indians at lunch time in the school yard.
Mother of Christ


That post should really be in " the decline of blandage as a poster" thread.
But I’m too nice and too mature to kick a fat lad while he’s down.




Miing was right. DDP is a fucking lickarse cunt with a dodgy wig. He also looks like he could do with a good wash.