RTE Correspondents


Ming too.


I was having a chuckle that @Bandage felt vindicated in his view because that gobdaw Flanagan made a similar point.
Personally I think the ridiculous hair is enough to consider DDP a clown, I never paid much attention to his politics.


True. But he is no lickarse and he has a fine head of his own hair.


Ming Flanagan is a fantastic guy.


The wash bit .


Brilliant little row out of nowhere here with some good insulting from both sides.


What’s wrong with Flanagan?


I think he’s a gobshite, I didn’t realise that I had to explain myself.
I sensed from @Bandage’s post that he was held up as some sort of hero here like that other clown Mick Wallace (sorry @Tassotti)


You’re a lickspittle -


Is that worse than a quisling or a holocaust denier?


That’s what hIs life partner says to him.


Mick Wallace is a sound man. He helped me out with a personal issue a few years ago


Things were bad if you had to go Wexford for it.


DDP has a holiday home around Kinvara. Just last weekend I met him near the dogfood section in the local londis.


Had he powdered his nose?


He went out of his way to help me. He was also a great man to lay a few slab’s in his time. I respect him for that


He helped you finish your ‘personal’?




That’s the sort of attitude that’s required to make it in Eire media circles, ability is nice but not important