RTE Correspondents


Not a correspondent


I thought she looked average enough last night.


Six One News right now.


Who is this dolly bird?


Dunno, she’s a grand bit of gear.


Eibhlin Ni Chuisteala (spelling).

A lovely lady.


Thank fuck for this feminism gender balance nonsense, she is a fine bit of stuff.



Rte are gone stone mad putting dolly birds out reading the news. Another young blonde girl here at 9.
Its gas.


This Tony Connelly fella is absolutely living for Brexit. Previously a mumbling halfwit European corespondent who regularly fluffed his lines when talking about harmless European Parliament shit, he’s reinvented himself as a Brexit guru with articles, books and columns on the topic. He’s a real subject matter expert. It reminds me of when you see some dumb bastard you worked with back in the day giving it big licks on Linked In.


He has the look of a lad who’s just gotten down off a high powered motor bike with the state of gruaig on him. No fear of Tony getting reamed for 27 snots for a haircut Brussels or not.


Sporting a hell of a pair of glasses there tonight. The speccy cunt.


He looks and sounds like a transition year student




I thought it was @Tim_Riggins for a minute


Looks like Tommy is hanging up the microphone and constantly sombre tone.

Vacancies:Northern Correspondent, RTÉ News and Current Affairs:



Mary Regan now an RTE staffer . @Bandage


Northern Correspondent job after being advertised


Tommie is the Northern Editor


Brendan Wright is the man they are thinking of.