RTE Correspondents


Anything in particular? Any news bulletin I saw he was reporting from outside the Tower Hotel. Presumably he filled in the time between the 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock bulletins with a feed in the Tower.




Perry has a rank resting face. The lack of chin doesn’t help


The state of these 2 arseholes

What is she doing back there?


She’s really odd looking from the side, she has no jaw and looks like Dustin the turkey.


Presenting the news mar dhea


Is she working with Aer Lingus now ???


there’s some horrendous looking yokes working for aer lingus as air hostesses


RTE Radio’s Northern correspondent Brendan Wright should officially change his name by deed poll to “Brendan Wright of our Northern staff”.


Vivienne Traynor is a fine woman


The sombre disbelief in Greg Allen’s voice as he reports on Rory McIlroy’s latest fuck up is priceless. He has had to do the same thing most weeks for about 3 years now so I have no idea why he sounds so surprised.


Who is this dashing young lady hosting the 9pm news?

A beautiful Nordie lilt on her. :heart_eyes:


Ray Kennedy in sweltering London reporting on the hockey over the past few days with a roaster special - white vest / T-shirt prominent inside his open necked shirt.


That’s Tyrone’s finest, the beautiful Carla O’Brien.


I love how they have the Venezuelan president a nordie accent as well in the dubbing :smiley:


I was very impessed by her. Unbiased reporting in a pleasant tone. Get her on the 6 o clock news now.


Careful there fagan, a good friend of @Juhniallio got himself in hot water for taking a keen interest in the attire of newscasters, wouldn’t want to see the same fate befall you


Sharon Ni Bheolain is like a fine wine; getting better with age


Carful there, last fella that got obsessed with her got in all sorts of bother.


Jesus I had a right horn on me watching her on crimeline last night