RTE Correspondents


Just thinking out loud mate, it was over something similar and was a big deal in certain quarters


There wasn’t a big deal . The overwhelming consensus was that :

  • it was none of MHs business
  • he should be really concerned with Tyrone
  • BC wasn’t a great commentator

MH filled the MMOC role .

Stop trying to be edgy with “ look over there “ stuff .


there is a gang on here of about 5 posters continually trying to provoke @Cicero_Dandi

you sir are a bully

and I include @Gman and @padjo in that gang of bullys


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


You’d be very wary of the objectivity of any journalist if you had a politician batting for them


Or you’d wonder what ace the journalist was holding.
This is all very strange.


Very defensive, they were similar situations.


the government should not be telling the main tv station what journalists to hire, its an attack on democracy

this is not the same as a GGA manager getting involved


MMOC is a bit of a dope I’d say.

I’m off to see Santy in a cave, carry on.


But baby it’s cold outside




But baby its cold outside


Is she the one that got the car stuck on the steps outside Leinster House?




On the plinth .


An absolute idiot


They are and both parties who stuck their oar in had no business doing so .


A simpleton


Here lads, take it easy on @Cicero_Dandi


One demoted dope goes to bat for another demoted dope.

The story about MMOC literally stamping her feet and crying when Leo told her she’s getting a big ministry taken off her was incredible, but true.