RTE Correspondents


MMOC can use her connections from her previous role and set Martina up on LinkedMeIn



Playing the gender card was the only option left for her. Pathetic


Europe won’t know what hit it


A car crash


MMO’C for Europe… Yeah!!! There again Like Flanagan is prospering out there. Godhelpus.




Europe has always been an outlet for dumping political inepts and nuisances


True that. We’ve been great at it though.
The list of hungry hoors emptying the assorted troughs is endless…

I’m reaching for the Jameson bottle immediately…



I’m sure the private sector will queueing up to offer her more money than RTE


Jaysus she really took being replaced badly. I notice none of the other females in RTE have come out to support her.


Some achievement to lose a job in RTE.


She won’t move too far I’d say


She’s also scuppered by the fact that there was 2 females to one male on interview panel.


18 years wow. Shell not be remembered though.
The Oirish media is packed full of lightweight useless token women who are filling gender quotas.
In the current environment she’ll get another, similar token job no problem.


She’s not even that good looking


If Paul Reynolds wasn’t moved on and she was she must have done something really naughty like pooping in Dee Forbes’ handbag.


Terri Prone will bail her out


Ah she’ll become a political adviser to some blueshirt minister like the rest of our fearless and truth seeking journalists. Chris Donoghue Newstalk with Coveney, Sarah Bardon Irish Times with Harris, Sean O’Rourke’s wife with Flanagan, Niall O’Connor the little ex Indo cunt with that gombeen Paul Kehoe and so on.