Ruby ruby ruby


The goat. The absolute goat.


What will he do now? Grow as a person?


Elvis has left the building


Flog a lot less horses probably


Start eating properly and put on a bit of weight.

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His ride on yorkhill in the jlt - mustard


“The horses are such a huge part of it.” - Ruby Walsh.

No way!


The jockeys did a 100m novelty sprint in Galway one year, I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time but I felt it was missing something.


Ah, best of luck to him. Hard to listen to on TV though, which anyone who’s into racing will have to a lot of in the coming years


Waterford whispers is a lot more miss than hit these days


Not as bad as that Irish simpsons fans shit, talk about a joke that was funny once,


Jockeys by nature are ridiculously competitive and will do pretty much anything to win so I find it amazing geraghty, ap and Davy all have come out and simply said ruby is the goat. Probably his four biggest rivals. It highlights just how far ahead of everyone he was for me.


What did they say when McCoy retired? I recall similar comments about him, especially from Walsh and Johnson.


Na it was usually mentioned ruby ap and a few more as the greats.


“When we were kings”

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Ruby was by far the GOAT.

You can’t even compare McCoy to him.
When you see how Ruby got a tune out of Kauto Star and Master Minded compared to what McCoy got out of them when given the opportunity.

I would have Ruby easily in Ireland’s top 3 greatest ever sportsmen along with Robbie Keane and Padraig Harrington

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McCoy done it plumpton, Hereford and ludlow ruby done it in cheltenham, aintree and punchestown. What ruby says immediately after a race almost always stacks up with the data from the race. It’s incredible.

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