Ruby ruby ruby 5 king Georges

Simon Holts commentary is mandatory here.

‘And the crowd are cheering already’, when they jump 4 out never fails to send shivers down my spine.

does he live in Closutton House?

You’d rate Robbie infront of Roy Keane? Roy Keane was world class, a Bollix and done some stupid things but he kept those utd lads in check on the pitch, Robbie scored great goals not a great goal scorer for spurs and the 20+ clubs he played for.

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On TFK Ronaldo from Brazil is the GOAT and Robbie is better than Roy, that’s what you signed up for mate, nothing to do with the real world

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The Kauto wins never did much for me. However I don’t think many else could have got The Tank around Newbury with top weight.

It’s amazing looking back at his races how often other jockeys gave him and easy lead, particularly around Cheltenham. very good insight here from Colin tizzard on what makes ruby the goat.

Why was he spoofing about retirement for the last few months?

What about mug punters like me who had him backed to be top jockey at Punchestown? Fuck you anyway Ruby…

Ruby had obviously backed someone else

Ruby Walsh was nowhere near AP McCoy’s ability and achievements as a jockey

He had nowhere near as many rides anyway

Brilliant hour long interview with ruby on the eamon dunphy podcast. It’s really good but in a hilarious turn of events eamon backed every single big priced winner ruby rode :smiley:

had no time for him after he jumped off Annie Mac


Paid for his retirement

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Ruby Walsh is a great man. He will never be touched. Top class. Could do what he wanted on a horse. McCoy Russell and Johnson were excellent jockeys but Walsh was better than them by a distance. His dry personality on TV is a shield, deep down he is a bag of laughs. Not in to crowd pleasing no drink no drugs, took a beating on his body for the love of the sport, delivered in Cheltenham when it mattered.

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