Rugby Players Rape Trial


Prosecution not cross examining until Monday.


At 2:28am on the morning of 28 June, the complainant called Rory Harrison’s phone. At 2.28am she added him as a phone contact and as a WhatsApp contact.

At 2:36am, the complainant attempts to FaceTime Harrison after he attempted to FaceTime her.

So would this suggest Harrison organised with her to go back to party? Along with the other girls? She didn’t just rock up at their door. Someone invited her.


Individually you could buy the guy’s stories or “explain” them. Together though, they do not make sense. It is impossible for one, some or all of them to not be telling a lie somewhere. A lie… not an inconsistency… a lie/lies.


Where has she lied? Her entire story is a crock. She initially said she was raped from behind by jackson, then from the front by jackson and olding.
‘Jersey pulling’ is some understatement. One man pushed her away, another pulled his arm away from her…
I’m not judging her by her dress, drunkenness, behaviour etc.
She gave olding a consensual blowjob and wanted to see him go down for vaginally raping her from the front. If the defendants had played a straight game she could be facing charges. The fact that the police aided her in coming up with a plausible version makes it all the worse.
Open your mind and come to your senses.


You keep saying her story is crock, fine, you can believe that. But back it up where she is lying specifically. Sex acts aside for a moment, there’s not another part of her story that can be called an outright lie, is there? Correct me if I’m wrong. How would she have gone back into the house anyway if the guys locked the front door after her when McIlroy waved her off? Is she lying here for no reason as this would be a weird lie, given it adds no credibility to her story?


If they are found not guilty they should be allowed continue their careers in Ireland, especially as they took the stand in court. If they are to be kicked out for their WhatsApp messages then the other member of the squad also in their group would presumably have to be kicked out which would be ridiculous.


Aspersions? ??

Weird and wholly incorrect use of the word.

The accusations leveled at the girls case was that her mother had pushed it hard without any real good legal standing to win. Cops et al expected this to go alway quickly always they did not think much of a case.

His father surely would not be wanting that. It’s not a crime to be a lawyer or the son of one.

The rumour that is damming for the lads you don’t seem to have picked up at all yet.


Craig Gilroy is the other player, the guy who attended with Rory Best the first day the witness was giving evidence. Yes, theoretically they should be allowed if found not guilty but the IRFU and Ulster Rugby can’t really risk the backlash from this. I dunno.


Nor is it a crime to the daughter of a barrister, something lots of posters here, including you, (which is a rumour as I have heard her father is a judge and a barrister also) have said is why she spoke so well on the stand and why this case got to court. Cant the same reasoning be applied to Harrison now? Is he too not being “coached” by his father? Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. Can’t be applicable where suits.


These lads no matter the result wont play again in this country. Jackson will need to move to England or France to continue his career. Might be a blessing in disguise as he will earn more money in those countries.


Yeah, I think there would be uproar if he played again, whether or not that’s fair or not if found not guilty, remains debatable.


But that’s not the point. There o’s context to this.

Of course it can help Harrison. But sure any defendant should be well coached.

The influence of the girls family is not just in relation to the stand. It’s in relation to the entire case


What difference does it make? We started taking about credibility which is more to do with an overall impression.
Where has she lied? Her lie about olding is absolutely massive but she has said any number of things which are dubious to say the least. I doubt that you are prepared to have a rethink and there’s not much point in endlessly going over points that have already been made.


And if Harrison gets off, we can assume it’s because of his father’s profession, which is fact that he is a solicitor not just rumour, is the reason why then by that logic.


Of course they should. Wont happen though. Wouldnt be a surprise if they came back in a few years. They might have a preference to get away from Belfast for a spell


Or he is innocent


True, but you still are unable to point to a specific lie in her version of events about what happened that night OUTSIDE of the sex acts/consent. So…


Sure. But then you can’t keep using the rumour of the girl’s parent’s profession against her.


It’s fairly substantiated at this stage