Rugby Players Rape Trial


That is wildly inconsistent with the oral rape allegations?


Odd that you’re quoting a man alleged to have committed sexual assault to aid your argument.


Oh dear! (could you not engage with me in the other thread?)


Alan Dershowitz is a crackpot.

Eamon Dunphy had his number, as was proved in memorable fashion on September 11th, 2001.


The difficulty in this case is that she appears to have ‘remembered’ more information at the beginning, rather than remembering info at later stages. Trauma victims, it is alleged by experts, would experience this the other way round


Ooooftt (or something)


A satanist.


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Harrison going for the “I was drunk, your honour” approach now that his story has unravelled.


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Rory being filleted.


Odd that Rory admits to making insincere supportive messages to the victim. An admission of him trying to control the situation if there ever was one.

He’s a vile character.


Tobes has landed a few headshots on Rors.


was the other thread shut down as well? :grin:



Harrison is done. It would be extraordinary if he gets off. It’s way beyond the realms of reasonable doubt that he is guilty.


Harrison getting filleted on the stand here.

He’s definitely in a spot of bother.


Rosanna Cooney
Rosanna Cooney
Prosecution asks about the messages that Harrison sent to the complainant saying “keep the chin up you wonderful young woman”. Prosecution wonders why Harrison didn’t say “Keep the chin up you silly little girl”.