Rugby Players Rape Trial


I think harrisons fate will depend on the decision reached on the other three


More surrealist performance art from Rors

Toby lures Rors in



Toby has been waiting all trial to grill Harrison and it has been worth the wait. Has cremated him.


Rosanna Cooney
Prosecution finishes cross-examination with this

P: Is the complainant a wonderful young woman?
RH: I don’t know
P: Or is she a silly young woman?
RH: I think she is someone who has regretted what she’s done
P: Regretted what she’s done… with who?
RH: I’m not sure.


Harrison simply has to be done for


Yeah seems beyond reasonable doubt that he perverted the course of justice. The pervert.


I know you’ve just transcribed it but it’s clearer embedded in a Frank Greaney tweet.





This is the type of character witness I had imagined as a parody.

Parody = reality.


No Besty

No character witnesses at all for the Oldsmobile and the Juicer




Closing speeches from Wednesday to Friday this week.

Jury deliberations to get underway on Wednesday March 21st.


I wonder why Olding and McIlroy didn’t have character witnesses




Must not have helped people with their luggage at any stage.


RH: :innocent:


Olding, and Jackson for that matter, would have relied on Rala to do all that sort of stuff.


As suspected Bests excuse for attending the trial was a cobbled together load of nonsense. How apt…


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, this thread is now duplicating like gremlins exposed to water.