Rugby- Rape Culture and Misogyny


Mar 30
I was at a pub quiz last night where team names included “the Paddy Jackson 5” and “we’re all top shaggers”. Tell me again how rape culture doesn’t exist in Ireland?

It’s satire mate.

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No it isn’t, it’s triumphalism

Would this diatribe be acceptable if o’cunratty was black?

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The concept of rape culture is logically flawed. Linking men who write bawdy messages to each other like “we are top shaggers” to rape is simply ludicrous, and does nothing for victims of sexual assault or rape. What would help victims is more severe sentencing laws for people who are actually convicted, especially of violent rape or sexual assault of children. Now that’s something worth protesting.

The clowns marching in the streets of the ROI because they disagree with the decision in a “he said, she said” rape trial in another jurisdiction deserve to be ridiculed.


There’s not a man among them

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Writing all this before any evidence has been heard in a rape trial is an example of rape culture.

I have no idea.

We raped Carlow today


They do Sidney. It’s important to look after your self never mind anyone else.

Certainly a surprise after the slow start.


Thats horrific, Depraved sick cunts.


You won’t find the resident nutcases condemning that, but they wanted a rugby player locked up for 5.5 years for consensual fingering.

Actual rapists. Real rapists.

The perfect case actually for a few lads from here to get their teeth into

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Why won’t You? It’s ideal for them.

There are people who wouldn’t condemn that??

There are many, many people who won’t condemn that mate, as to do so would be seen as being racist.
It’s their culture innit.

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No mention of it on the news, too busy talking about conor mcgregor.