Rural Ireland more grounded than urbanites

Rural ppl in my experience in Ireland and abroad are
1- more grounded
2- much more into family
3-more lawful
4-much more conservative
( Downfall at times)
5-Better quality of life
6-Stick together more( farmers unions/ local politics)
7- Better moral compass

Mother from a rural background and famiy was everything,
Same with my siblings until she passed on, what country folk have in spades is guidance and an expectation to do well

Negatives to rural living
2- Lack of transportation

I’m not referring to country town’s at all for the amount of sniping/ backbiting/ one upmanship that goes in in these little hamlets is awful at times
As any of JB Keane’s books testify.( Claustrophobic)

Might be wrong but that’s my bitching done

PS I lived in a tiny village, one pub/shop/church , was heaven but my ex insisted on moving to Cork city after 2 years
Cloughduv- Paradise of peace


Urbanites are more sopisticated and chic though. So no contest, sorry bro

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Bitterness will eat you alive. Leave it go !

Don’t know TBH, not a great amount of sophisticated folk gathering around North main St/ Shandon last few years, junkie Ave

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Rooral Ireland and its chief cheerleader DeValera held this country back for decades.

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Great thread


You know this kind of thing is illegal and not something to be boasting about?

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As always in Ireland it falls to the rural massive to lead the way.

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feeding the townies

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Obviously no maidens dancing at the x roads malarkey, whod want that, but the essence of country living is a whole different animal

Dirrty minds will always surface

Know boy this place reeks of sophistication

Rural people are ridiculously conservative and right wing…

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True but not all, found that exactly when I first moved to the country, but when finally accepted it’s generally a great family place

Rural people are way easier to get on with, that’s worldwide though not just in oireland.

Look at hit tv show normal people. Conall and his donegal roomie are laid back country folk, the dublin lad is a neurotic loser who can’t drink. A beatiful encapsulation of real life


Have to agree for the most rural folk are more genuine

Ref normal ppl- awful

Small as Limerick city is, there’s always been a townie v rural rivalry. I went to primary and secondary school in the city, and while I wasn’t from that far out in the country, I was treated like a foreigner sometimes.

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McWilliams has a interesting theory on the success of the families of small farmers vs the urban working class.
Even small farmers were sort of middle class though in that they had a stake in society that the townie lad didn’t. The vast majority of the landless country folk were chased out of ireland on the emigration ships.

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Rurals would shoot members of their own family over a pieces of cheap shitty land for fcuk sake…

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