Russia Vs Ukraine (Part 2) - Neocons Strike Back

The hotel in ballyferriter is full with them outside Dingle. I used to have the breakfast inside there and a few pints but it’s closed since the war broke out. They’d all be sitting in the car park looking fairly bored.


Hard going being stuck down there with rain we’ve been having

why aren’t they out working and earning their keep?

Sure them Eastern Europeans wouldnt work to warm themselves the cunts

Fair question about the yachts and villas

If she wants to be taken seriously she should dress a bit more appropriately.
And it was a bit low bringing Zelenskyy’s wife and children into it.
There’s always one…

Yes, she should be more ladylike while being trapped in a warzone

She’s certainly not cold anyway…

Fair point about the yachts and villas all the same

You’ll need to flesh that out for me.

I thinks she feels a bit aggrieved that the likes of her are being made homeless while he has a portfolio of luxurious properties etc

He should have went Pee Flynn on her

Yea, I get that bit, but where did he get them?
Was it by illegal means?

You think a politician handpicked by a jewish oligarch who funded a far right private army, might be corrupt? Thats not her point though- shes just asking if he’s made any of his own properties available during the refugee crisis

Why is the fact that he is Jewish important?

Oh shut up and quit looking for faux outrage. Your not curious about the shared interests of nazis and jewish oligarchs/politicians?