Russia Vs Ukraine (Part 2) - Neocons Strike Back

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The day after the IMF gave Ukraine its first installment back in 2014, household gas prices went up 50%
. All the best agri land was sold off to foreign investors. Multiple semi states broken up and sold off cheaply… This is the epoch of western values ad @Tim_Riggins would have us celebrate… Corporatism sold as democracy.


And that was just the bit Hunter Biden pocketed.


Is there any sign of his laptop?

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Stored away with Hillary’s emails.


@Cheasty i hope your eye is going to be ok

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What are you on about?

Find some other fella to signal virtue against today dickhead… on your bike

Name calling, the bastion of a beaten docket.

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piling in, the bastion of a bicycle seat sniffer

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Can you tell me what’s virtue signalling about basic facts which is all I posted yesterday evening?

I corrected a space cadet on what the UN is and can do and you went bananas. It’s clear you don’t know what the security council is or how it operates. You don’t know what the general assembly is, or that it’s different to the security council. You started telling us Ukraine can legally take Russia’s seat on the security council. You can make definitive pronouncements on international law now? Why do you leap in making these pronouncements on things you don’t know anything about? You could at least slow down a bit and read in, or just ask a question about it, on a discussion forum. You’re more interested in blasting off against me than discussing anything. Then you dig in and now comes the name-calling.


This is virtue signalling and the second one is virtue signalling and lying… as i said… on your bike you dickhead. You might have to bate @carryharry away from the saddle

It’s ok, the good guys have suspended repayments to the imf/world bank for 2 years… Heroes. Ukraine can get back to repaying and selling off assets to corporate interests once the evil Russians are beaten.



Another big day of it planned by the lads.

By God.

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Ah bless.


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I’d strongly recommend that all protagonists in todays debate take the time to listen to the following…

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The first is a statement of fact. That’s not virtue signalling. If you take issue with basic facts I suggest that’s your problem.

You’ve stated that you want Ukrainian refugees to go elsewhere other than Ireland and that you don’t want Ireland or the EU to support the Ukrainian military. You want to sell them down the river.

Have the last word there and take it away on your bike. You condescending, arrogant prick

Esteban is making great points here in an always respectful manner while other posters are losing their cool and disrespecting him with name calling. That only shows them up, the cunts that they are.