Ruth Dudley Edwards

A few salient point from Ruth today…

World War I was a fight for the survival of British democracy.
Sinn Fein won a landslide in the 1918 general election due to sentimentality, intimidation and fraud.
The Easter Rising, Tan War and Civil War left hundreds of thousands as refugees apparently.

Is she always so informative, I don’t read her column too often.

did she comment on how she let her flat be turned into a S&M dungeon by Sean O callaghan

now theres a response and a half

Oh Christ yeah, that was tremendous. O’Callaghan must surely have been caught in a similar situation by MI5 as a young volunteer and they were able to turn him. I don’t mind Edwards having a contrarian opinion it’s the lies she sews into every article that is the truly appalling thing about her.

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i assume this heap of slurry is flowing out of the independant is it?

speaking of sunday papers one of the tabloid had a headline on the lines that 20,000 arab refugees are about to decamp in the next five minutes on the country. when i flicked to the page where the story was in the shop it turned into berlusconi telling the eu that they would have to help him deal with the issue.

what a bunch of cu4ts

Yep. How she can keep a straight face saying imperial Britain in 1914 was a democracy fighting for survival is anyone’s guess! Still running the Raj and with the Kaiser having absolutely no intention of invading Britain, their only concern was ruling the waves…and little Belgium of course, how could we forget little Belgium’s freedom that was so important to Britain. :lol:

I’d say John Finucane will get a nice few quid out of her for that.

She was on radio ulster a few weeks ago saying that Martin Mcguinness set up bloody sunday. I was going to mention it at the time but I didn’t want to offend @Sidney

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She should go on Dancing with the Stars if she wants attention.

She wants attention alright.

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It’s unbelievable that the likes of herself, Myers and Eoghan Harris were presented as proper intellectuals for years.


You’ll have fellas bemoaning the demise of journalism and these cunts were earning a living as journalists for decades.

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I’m not bemoaning it at all, I’d be delighted if Independent News and Media went bankrupt. The manufacture of consent pal. Denis bought the Indo as a loss leader just to try and buy government backing to win valuable public contracts. The IT has always been the only paper.

But like, it’s just fucking mental what those stickie cunts got away with in this country. Fucking Conor Cruise O’Brien winning middle class support after Jadotsville? (Possibly not technically a stickie, I know) And they failed 100%. Basically every single person below 40 rejected them. And every one of them half-touched. And they’re still fucking everywhere as if they’re relevant, it’s just insane.

The paper that was recruiting for the British army?

That’s sort of like saying Piers Morgan wrote a book so if all books disappeared they would be no loss

Nah nah. If you click on the “columnists” tab of you get these names:-

Dan O’Brien - cunt
Gene Kerrigan - stooge
Fionnan Sheehan - cunt
Ivan Yates - cunt
Billy Keane - cunt
Mary Kenny - cunt
Declan Lynch - cunt
Brendan O’Connor - cunt
Roddy Doyle - cunt.

Then there’s a handful of people I don’t know but they’re probably cunts too. They don’t even bother listing Eoghan Harris, Ellis O’Hanlon or Maria Cahill.

Maria Cahill is a fucking journalist now FFS. Next time your composing some epic opinion piece as a reply to Labane think for a moment that Maria Cahill is a famous journalist for a major national newspaper and you’ll never be.


Mairia Cahill is not a journalist