Ruth Dudley Edwards

This is the shite you’re defending. If the country’s top selling newspaper says you’re a journalist you must be a journalist.

You needed an aunt an ex-stickie, that’s where you went wrong.

Oh and your cunt Stagg is a journalist.

You’re cheerleading for the abolition of all journalism

That seems rather short sighted to me

Again, it’s like saying that Piers Morgan wrote a book so abolish all books

It’s like saying that the Crazy Frog made music so abolish all music

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Journalism is gossip for morons. We don’t need journalism.

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Have you ever read any journalism, ever?

No but most MSM papers contribute nothing to society. Why not just have some Reuters type organisation that just reports the bare bones and facts. The financial papers are mostly the best papers because the people who spend money on stocks / currency speculation need to know the real facts.


A load of bollocks. I’ll make my own mind up not what some shill wants me to think.

So you’re calling yourself a moron

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No. I’m calling journalist shills who serve no purpose.

Journalism is like music - there’s excellent journalism and there’s shit journalism

Cheerleading for the abolition of all journalism might go down well on a niche forum of miserable curmudgeons who mostly contribute nothing of value to society but in the real world good journalism is an essential part of maintaining the small veneer of democracy societies have left

The abolition of journalism is a carte blanche for fascism, which a lot of people on this forum seem to desire

Isn’t Gemma O’Doherty a journalist?

There was a perceived golden age of journalism in the 60s and 70s centred around Vietnam and Watergate. Outside of that it’s hard to think of any worthy journalism.


She’s a far right propagandist who has zero regard for truth

Far right propaganda is not journalism by definition

A propagandist like many of those listed above, Ian O’Doherty, David Quinn, Jon Waters, Breda Power, Una Mullally etc?

George Lee did some good stuff before he got notions of running the country

Most of those are indeed propagandists

Mullally is an opinion columnist but not a propagandist - she has a clear regard for truth that the others don’t have

It’s one of the major faults of the media that such propagandists have found a market, but technology has unfortunately dictated that

Controversy for the sake of it generates clicks in an environment where people’s attention spans have collapsed

Ironically the likes of Quinn, Waters and O’Doherty have found a niche market among the very type of people who most despise journalism

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Investigative journalism is completely dead in this country.

FFS, the State and the Church kidnapped and raped tens of thousands of children for the crime of being poor and not one single journalist said a fucking word. What have those cunts possibly contributed to our democracy? Where the fuck were the Irish journalists when it mattered?

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Journalists will write what they’re told to. It’s a career, a seedy and amoral one, not a vocation.

Fixed that for you mate

Shit journalists would include the likes of Paul Williams and Paul Reynolds