Might be for charity but I’d say O’Leary won’t mind the publicity:


Some of the months are here: http://www.darchtimes.com/babes4/ryanair.html


Quite impressive but I prefer the nice gentleman that always works the Aer Lingus Dublin to Glasgow/Edinburgh routes.


I wouldn’t mind seeing an Aer Lingus calendar myself, I think Aer Lingus cabin crew are a hell of a lot more sexier then their Ryanair counterparts. Aer Arann have some delishous looking aer hostesses aswell!


Bandage wrote:

Quite impressive but I prefer the nice gentleman that always works the Aer Lingus Dublin to Glasgow/Edinburgh routes.

That lad from Donegal? Dermott I believe is his name.


Indeed. I don’t know whether I prefer Dermott or the frumpy auld Americans who work with Delta.


My first time booking a flight there on the new ryanair website.
Fuckin hell. It’s some abomination.


Every box you have to tick adds another €50 onto the price I find.


Wanna buy insurance?
Wanna buy a hotel?
Wanna buy a bag?


Clearly designed to confuse anyway. No one trying to help people could ever make a sit that bad.


If you don’t want insurance (and who the fuck does?) you have to select “No Insurance Required” but that option is buried within the drop to buy insurance.


They used to make such a big deal of priority booking for an extra few quid, when you turn up now everyone is priority so it makes fuck all difference if your on the plane first or last.


If there was a TFK Calendar who would be in it?

Yours in wonderment,


Where you going Runt?

The Credit Card Charge is the one that pisses me off.

Flew with em recently though and from the time the gate opened to the time we pulled onto the runway was 25mins thats efficency in fairness. Bags out at the other end before we got to them aswell which you cant say for most of em.


I’m off to London on a stag in November


That’s because of the charge for bags theres usually only 2 or 3 bags on their flights. Man Ryanair are trash. Shiiiiiiit.


Ryanair, the greatest business in the world.

Never had a problem with them, excellent customer service, easy to book, cheap, walk on walk off, no fuss.




What’s horseshite? Apart from Americans?


Flano’s right here TTK. Ryanair muscled Aer Arann out of regional airports, like Farannfore for example, and now want to break their contract and withdraw a very usefull service from the airport.


FFS Kerry? A useful service? Just drive to/from Shannon. Why would Ryanair opperate at a loss just to satisfy a local community. No chance, they’re dead right.

I fly with Ryanair regularly to the UK, not once have I had a problem, most flights are cheaper than a bus journey and they are always on time. No fuss, low cost, and on time. Exactly what every passenger wants.

I find the only people who complain about the add on costs of Ryanair are those that are challenged mentally.