Ah it wasn’t that disgusting. More a good clean jab of a post.

Come on lads, ye must remember these?


Nasty, but you love to see it. @mikehunt is windmilling all round him.


I do indeed. And a little folder to put them into with the name of the travel agent on it.

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And when final boarding called you’d order just a quick last one.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a drink at the airport

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bar going away on a stag I’d be the same, they’re stressful enough places without putting alcohol down you as well and you’d nearly always have a drive at the other side

Cager alert


Yes or in my case a cycle from the airport.

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I always get dehydrated on the plane after drinking

I’d always be bursting for a piss

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How is o Leary keeping the flights so cheap given the cost of fuel ?

They’d have hedged cost of fuel to end of year maybe. You’d be expect costs to increase soon enough or else they are banking on other airlines breaking first and going under

Air Fuel is subsidized by taxpayers

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Yea, sorry, that article is geared towards the UK. It’s also on the RTE website but the RTE website doesn’t link well here.


Big Mick needs to sort that shit pretty lively

We must be paying Ryanair to pollute the skies if they can charge so little.

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